Data Recovery

Has your computer's hard drive crashed?

Is your hard drive access getting slower?

Have your added and removed many programs?

Does your computer refuse to boot up at times?

Have you had your hard drive replaced but would like to get the data from the old hard drive?

Would you like to have the health of your current hard drive tested?

Backup Protocols

Do you have proper backup procedures inn place?

Do you know if your backed up data can be restored?

Do you have offsite backup?

Do you have a remote backup server?

How often do you backup your data?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is probably possible that the data can be recovered or the hard drive restored to proper functioning.
You can contact me to schedule an appointment. I will go to your location and try to retrieve lost data and/or test your computer system.

Please note that I can travel to Montreal, Laval and Laurentain Regions only.